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Hello Suffolk 'n' Cool listeners. It's great to have you along.

The show is on long-term hiatus right now but there is a wealth of great independent music in the archives for your listening pleasure.

Full shownotes are published on the Suffolk 'n' Cool main site.

Jun 30, 2007

Back from a fabulous break in southern France. Our visit coincided with the St John festival which is a great excuse for lots of local live music featuring coblas - bands of around 11 musicians playing a variety of instruments and producing the most amazing sounds. I first heard the sardana in Barcelona a few years ago...

Jun 20, 2007

Alastair Artingstall
A rather different programme this week - just for a change.
I sat down for a chat with Alastair Artingstall at the end of a UK tour (and just before his show in Norwich) last week to talk about life on the road and the traumas of putting an album together.
Alastair has been on the road for all of...

Jun 13, 2007

Oh er missus, a bit of 69
As eclectic a mix of genres as you're ever likely to hear. From unashamedly pop to something most unusual for me - a bit of electronica by way of a fair bit of really rather interesting music.
Music from UK, California, Wales, Texas, Colorado and New York this week. Every one well worth...

Jun 6, 2007

A rash of Suffolk 'n' Cool firstplays scattered among this week's selection of the finest independent music from Austria, New York, London, New York, New Jersey and California.

The DVD is pretty much done now and the good folks at YMCA Training seem very happy with it. Just a few minor adjustments last night.